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Backyard Blitz – Vol.1

Afternoon DLite

Remember before how I was very keen to revolutionise the garden from a parking lot concrete slap into something I would like to sit in?,  well phase one of this massive undertaking includes getting some potted plants for the “seating area”,  or basically,  the area that has poured concrete (awful), in my vain attempt to turn a sows ear into a silk purse.

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Backyard Blitz – Vol 2.

Afternoon DLite

As you all know I am hoping to revolutionize my backyard, and transform a concrete slab into something a little more welcoming. In my last Backyard Blitz blog post I wondered what to do with a battered old crate Dave had picked up at a local garden centre. One evening when I came home from work, I was delighted to see that Dave had planted our very own herb garden!

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Backyard Blitz vol.3

Afternoon DLite

So it’s been a while since I have reported on my progress with my backyard. I know it’s June so technically the garden should be in full bloom. It is, bar from a few lazy hydrangeas that are just about making an appearance, young buds promising a great colour bloom of white and purple that will certainly uplift my little garden.

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Red dot award winner — Greenbo designer Rail and Deck Window box

ed and ruby

The Greenbo XL Designer Rail and Deck Window box has been awarded with the globally sought-after red dot award for its fine design language in the home and garden product design category.

The 30-member expert jury judged 4,515 designs submitted by creative heads and manufacturers from all over the world. They were impressed with the box’s unique solution for growing plants and flowers in an urban environment. The box is placed over your rail or deck to save balcony floor space in tight areas.

Its seamless design boasts a built-in draining solution with two removable, cleanable and replaceable trays, anchoring mechanism for theft protection, patented stability mechanism and six modern colours to choose from.

The product design competition has existed since 1955, awarding an internationally recognised quality seal.

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Garden Delights–Potted Herbs

Morristown: A View From Our Back Porch

Just a little update on how the potted herbs are doing.  We’ve had a great deal of rain lately which has helped to alleviate watering so much.  And it’s a good thing!


With the Sweet Basil growing this well, I need to get me some fresh mozzarella and make a margherita pizza! The tomatoes are starting to come in, too. So I can’t wait to try out a new pizza crust recipe!


Catnip – this is my first time growing it. I can’t wait to design and make kitty toys for my little feline “children” and know that there is nothing funky in these herbs since I don’t put any pesticides on my plants!



My seedling marigolds are growing well.  These are from seeds I picked from last year’s crop of marigolds.  It’s amazing to me just how many seed pods I was able to collect and now see…

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