Make a VERTICAL CONTAINER FARM for the hungry and malnourished (Willem Van Cotthem)


My special attention was drawn to an article in ‘The Victoria Times Colonist’, a Victoria and Vancouver Island newspaper.  The article’s title was “Start a veggie grow-op”.

Let me highlight a few paragraphs :

  1. Knowing she couldn’t control the weather and wanting fresh vegetables year round were reasons enough for longtime Calgarian Ursula de Vries to come up with a way to grow food indoors. And thus, Vertical Veggie Farms was born.
  2. The mother of five wanted to give her family fresh food 12 months out of the year while trimming the grocery bill. “One of the major expenses we have in our household is food, so I thought if I could change the way I do things with food, that it would lessen the impact,” she says.
  3. The Vertical Veggie Farm (available for $340) is a hydroponic growing system that comprises a movable stand that measures 158 centimetres…

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