Primary Colours Planter

Westerose Nursery & Greenhouse

Plants and planting tips to help you create this container garden:

  • Osteospermum Lemon Symphony
  • Calibrachoa Dreamsicle
  • Euphorbia Diamond Frost
  • Dracena
  • Vinca Vine
  • Lotus Vine
  • Janie Marigolds
  • Delta Pansies

Many of our customers are drawn to vibrant planters done in primary colours (red, yellow and blue).  Notice the lovely textural element provided by the tiny white blooms of Euphorbia Diamond Frost. Calibrachoa Dreamsicle, the tiny orange trailing flower, is one of hundreds of varieties of the plant also known as “Million Bells”.  Make sure you do not overwater this combination.  Just water well whenever the top inch of soil is dry.   Place in full sun, deadhead spent blooms; and  fertilize.


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