Pink, Blue and Yellow Planter

Westerose Nursery & Greenhouse

Plants and planting tips to help you create this container garden:

  • Diascia Antique Rose
  • Lobelia Laguna White
  • Panolas and Delta Pansies
  • Angelonia Angelface Blue
  • Dracena
  • Phlox Intensia Orchid

Diascia Antique Rose is a versatile pink trailing plant with a darker centre.  It will bloom well into the fall.  Lobelia Laguna White is an extremely vigorous  trailer that does not dry out as quickly as the traditional seed grown lobelia.  Angelonia  is a great alternative to a dracaena in the centre of a pot. Plant in full sun or partial shade; water when top inch of soil is dry; deadhead spent blooms; fertilize.  Container gardens will dry out more quickly than plants in the ground.  If you  will not be around to water for a few days, give this pot a good soak before you go and place it in a shady location of prevent drying out.  This is a good…

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