Office Garden Update

Sense in the City

It’s been a few weeks since we planted our seeds in our re-used and re-purposed potted window garden at the office. We’ve planted new seeds as well, since then, so to have a bountiful crop throughout the summer. The spinach still has a ways to go, and some of the herbs are still too young to harvest, but the rest is going well!

Window Garden at ECHA

We didn’t do anything special here. Just stuck some seeds in some pots and watered them. I came by the office on the weekends to water the seedlings when they were germinating, as it was on my way to my other job. Once they germinated, we didn’t need to worry about watering them for the weekends, they handled it just fine!

I moved the pots that were near my desk into the other room, as the temperature in my office is much too warm, and the maintanence…

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