Monochromatic Purple and Blue Planter

Westerose Nursery & Greenhouse

Plants and planting tips to help you create this container garden:

  • Osteospermum Soprano Purple
  • Verbena Babylon Light Blue
  • Supertunia Royal Velvet
  • Ipomoea Blackie
  • Nemesia Blue Bird

What a beautiful combination!  Both the Supertunia and Nemesia have a lovely light fragrance.  If the foliage of the Ipomoea Blackie gets overgrown, simply cut it back to suit your taste.   Verbena Babylon Light Blue is one of the best trailing verbenas!  The Osteospermum will close at night or on very cloudy days but will provide tons of gorgeous daisies well into the fall.  The black potato vine will not, however, tolerate any frost.  Full sun or part-shade; water when top inch of soil is dry; deadhead spent blooms; fertilize.

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