Monochromatic Orange Planter

Westerose Nursery & Greenhouse

Plants and planting tips to help you create this container garden:

  • Patriot Orange Geraniums
  • Coleus Sedona and Ruffles Copper
  • Calibrachoa Superbells Dreamsicle

Geraniums don’t like to be overcrowded in planters.  Avoid mixing with too many fillers such as pansies and petunias.  Geraniums are one of the most drought tolerant annuals.  The Coleus and Calibrachoa (also known as Million Bells) are good partners for geraniums as they also like to be grown on the dry side.  Make sure you water this planter only when the top inch of soil is dry and use a well-draining soilless potting mix.  When the coleus starts to get too tall or to flower, pinch it back to keep it full and bushy. Deadhead geraniums by snapping the stem of the spent bloom where it joins the rest of the plant.  Place in full sun or part shade.

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