Waging War on Slug Terror

Eve's Leaves

Slugs are ruining my life. Well almost. Not quite my life but certainly my veg patch.

I get so excited when inspecting the garden that things are germinating and starting to grow, and then a few days later I look again to find the place is a massacre, nothing left but slug snot. It’s becoming a regular occurrence, and my hate of the slug is growing fast (unlike many of my vegetables).

Thanks to all the wet weather we’ve had recently slugs are multiplying like there’s no tomorrow. The fact that we didn’t really have a very long cold snap this winter is also another reason why slugs will be so prevalent this growing season. I live in town and we have a huge amount of cats on our street that regularly using our garden as a loo (don’t get me started….). Because of the high number of cats we have very…

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2 thoughts on “Waging War on Slug Terror

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