Self Watering Container


I’m such a sucker for bargains!

Thankfully, over the years I’ve acquired some control over an urge to BUY, BUY, BUY when the price is right.  I had to face the fact that an item was not a true bargain if I did not have an intended purpose for it.

Now Hubby would argue that point.  He’s suffered through the salvage of wood from our garage tear down, and will point to the new garage rafters and ask “when are you going to use that?”

He calls me a packrat!  The nerve!  hehehe

Back to the point:  I found a bargain resin tote at a Goodwill store recently and immediately thought of making a self-watering container.  The tote was missing a lid, so at $1.99 the price was right.

The basic design of a self watering container requires a water reservoir, a soil support base, a wicking method, a…

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