Growing things!

The Pocket House Garden

I’ve done it. I have officially planted my first seeds. Inspired by the gift of more herbs from a very dear friend, I’ve put soil to pot and planted the herbs I purchased for myself a few weeks ago. (Not to worry, Denise, your herbs will also grow!)

Before that could be done however, a clever contraption needed to be built to keep the pots in our sunny kitchen window out of reach of cats and kids. Which is how I came up with this:

Once my funny wire basket dangling by string from the curtain rod hooks was up (and after I asked Jack repeatedly, “Awesome or weird? You only have two choices,” and was sufficiently reassured), I got to planting.

The thrilling events unfolded just like this:

The peat from the kit (seeds, peat and pots) required soaking in water to turn it into soil.

Organic seeds from

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