2012 Flowers – Week 1

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Every year I tell myself that I’m going to keep track of the flowers we plant in pots outside our store, so that I’ll have a record of what we put in, how it grew and how it looked. This year I’m really going to do it! See, I’m even blogging about it. That’s how committed I am.

This morning we fixed up our three terracotta pots with plants from Village Garden Center in Fishersville. We love that store! They’re super knowledgeable, nice, helpful, and they have great plants.

Susan chose sweet potato vine, lantana, dahlias, coleus and petunias. We’re hoping for a good mix of trailing and mounding. Here’s what they looked like freshly planted and watered in. Next week I’ll check in with new photos and we’ll see how they’re doing. I’ll also share our super-secret feeding method that, if all goes as planned, will keep those babies…

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