Return of the Tom

The Midwestern Jungle

I’m baaaaaack!  Sorry for the extended absence…but I’m sure you planty folk understand.  Late May/ early June is always a tremendously busy time of year for the gardeners of the world but throw a new job into the mix and you’ve got a whole lot of work and basically no spare time.  After 21 days I finally get my first two days off!  I haven’t worked 21 full days mind you but still waking up at 5 am for 21 days straight (the last 3 weekends I’ve had to come in at 6 to water but am usually done by 8 or so, so it’s not a full day).  Why am I explaining all this anyways, I’m even boring myself.  Onwards and upwards to the planty stuff!

I’ve been busy with…

Making containers:

Cutting back plants that have gotten out of control:

Rescuing Primula auricula from the compost bin at…

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