I’ve been busy

Hillside Quiltworks

I haven’t posted in a long while. Number one daughter needs number one priority. So other fun things like quilting and gardening and blogging and housecleaning (ack!!) take last priority. NO way is housecleaning a fun thing in my world, I was only kidding. I lost another PCA, personal care attendant (home health aide, or certified nurses aide, by other names) so I had to find another one. That involves everything anyone would do to hire a new employee – advertise, screen calls, interviews, checking reference, paperwork, and then training. I was doing that and taking care of Laura by myself. Now I have help and she’s in training.

She has only seen a few “normal” days since she started. #1 girl has been sick a lot. First bout with pneumonia ever and this has been difficult. First there was a cold, then pneumonia, then thought she was good, then…

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