Easy Container Vegetable Gardening in 7 Simple Steps (Part 2)

3 Square Meals

Ok, I admit it…the reason I’m blogging about container gardening is because I received (drum roll, please) the summer 2012 issue of the Gardner’s Supply Company catalog!!

I also admit that after I put my daughter to bed last night, I sat, with my furry orange cat, and read the entire catalog cover to cover.  What fun!!  I’m already dreaming of those tasty tomatoes and veggies!

Here in NC, I don’t usually begin to plant early summer veggies until after tax day.  By that point we are usually safe from having a frost AND I view getting the garden started as a reward after doing taxes.

As I mentioned last week, here is part 2 to our post on Easy Container Vegetable Gardening….enjoy!

Below are steps 5-7.  If you didn’t catch steps 1-4, click here.

5) Plant your seeds

Cover Drainage Hole

In order to prevent soil from blocking water…

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