A Little Flavor.

the wife within

I’ve been DREAMING of planting a vegetable garden after all of my Master Gardener classes & field trips. I feel like I am ready to have a garden of my own. BUT…we’re moving later this summer (details still unknown), and I cannot have a full-fledged vegetable garden because, come August, I won’t be in my sweet Virginia to enjoy it. BOO.

Last week, determined as ever, I decided I would dabble in herb gardening. I figured I could enjoy this little “garden” until we move and I wouldn’t be out time & money.

Plus, who doesn’t love adding a little zest to their summer meals. Herbs = Delicious + Healthy.

So I started with some natural & organic potting soil and a long, plastic, flat. I chose 4 types of herbs: sweet basil, cilantro (yummy salsa must-have), plain parsley, and red plum basil. Red Rubin Basil is the dark purple…

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