Time to Plant: Container Plants

Time to Plant!

With the increased popularity of container gardens and patio living I thought it would be pertinent to discuss some tips for planting patio containers. These days many people enjoy having not only summer annuals on their patio but also larger more permanent pot plantings of trees and shrubs. Some of the most popular are corkscrew willow, Japanese maples, conifers, and ornamental grasses, which provide privacy, architectural value, colour and contrast to your landscape. Although it is not hard to maintain container plants, there are some tips that will go a long way in helping to keep your larger container plantings healthy and happy.

The first and best thing I can recommend is never to plant directly into the heavy ceramic pots that you have picked out to match your décor. Usually these pots are heavy enough without a small tree in them, and they can easily become a real hassle…

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