Formal Black Pine and Kihachikai Show

Peter Tea Bonsai

Formal Black Pine and Kihachikai Show

Last week I was tasked to work on this large formal upright (Chokkan) Black Pine. The timing worked out great because I was planning on asking Mr. Tanaka if I could wire one big tree before my vacation back to California (more about that later). Before I got a chance to ask, I was told to pull the needles and wire this tree. Perfect! This tree is the second formal upright I’ve wired at Aichien and I was itching to apply what I learned on the last one.

What is the ideal formal upright?

1. Has a straight trunk that gradually tapers from the base to the top.
2. The lowest branch is the thickest branch and every branch above it gets smaller all the way to the top.
3. The spaces between the branches coming off the trunk progressively gets shorter as you…

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