Gomangoku 五万石盆栽展 (Daiju-en show) 2011

Peter Tea Bonsai

Gomangoku 五万石盆栽展 (Daiju-en show)

Last week was the Gomangoku Show that the Daiju-en family puts on almost every year.  At this show, Daiju-en and many of it’s former apprentices came together to put a show on to promote the family.  If you don’t know Daiju-en, they are one of the most famous Bonsai groups in Japan.  They are mostly known for famous Black Pines but do work on other trees as well.   I was fortunate enough to be there to experience the setup, show, and tear down of the event (like I had a choice ;o).  The show was held on November 4-6th with the setup day on the 3rd.  In this post I will sharing the setup process and the show itself.  I would have to say that of all the shows I’ve set up in the past, this show was the most tiring because there was so…

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