How does your garden grow?


Ours grows in a container.  Well, many containers.  On our deck.  We don’t really have a place to put in a *real* garden so this works well, for us.  With deck irrigation, it’s a no fuss, no muss garden.  We have to be careful and choose seeds and plants that work with our short season, but there are so many to choose from, the decisions can be difficult.  This spring, now summer, has been unusually cool and damp and our picks, so far, are really loving it!

Amanda’s strawberries have been very tasty.  Well, they were, until our friend, the baby chipmunk found them….  Since these are everbearing berries, I’m guessing we’ll be watching him grow up….  If he lives.

A pot of basil.  I see lots of pesto, for the freezer, in our future.

One pot of arugula.  We’ve had two cuttings of it, so far.  As you can…

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