Crank Up The Color – with Bromeliads

Take Root with Dennis' 7 Dees

By Linda Kay Harrison

If you are looking for a way to add color to your home, without the time and expense of new furniture or repainting, try adding colorful Bromeliads to your décor.  Decorating with Bromeliads makes sense for a multitude of reasons.

Bromeliads have bright, long-lasting ‘flowers’ and brilliantly colored foliage. They will provide a wonderful splash of indoor color for months at a time.  The Guzmania varieties tend to offer the longest lasting color, still making a bold statement even past their prime blooming time. Bromeliads are excellent indoor plants that readily adapt to the unfavorable conditions in most homes. They are generally an easy, low maintenance houseplant.

Bromeliads can be quite flexible when it comes to lighting conditions.  They can tolerate lower light conditions for a month or so at a time without adverse effects, but they retain their best color and form in brighter light…

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