Bright Ideas For Low Light Areas

Take Root with Dennis' 7 Dees

by Linda Kay Harrison

Most homes have at least a few areas in them that, despite our best efforts, still seem dark and dreary due to lack of light. These low light spots might be an entry way without windows, a particular corner of the living room or dining room, perhaps a small bathroom, or even the laundry room. Areas like this can feel depressing, and may pose a challenge when trying to liven them up. But here’s a great suggestion for adding life to those low light locals – houseplants! 

 Although it seems that these areas would be unsuitable when it comes to growing houseplants, in reality, there are many plants that do very well in low light situations. You may be astonished at how simply adding a plant or two can cheer a dark corner. Putting your plants in bright or light-colored containers is another great way to enhance the area while tying…

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