Tomato Spectacular

The Ethitarian

I love growing tomatoes.  I love the scent of the plants, the shape of the leaves, the way they branch and grow, and of course, the tomatoes themselves.  I grow tomatoes on my porch in self-watering containers.  That way there’s no weeding, and no matter how busy I am, it’s easy to make time to keep them watered.

This year I’m trying a few new things.  Due to the heat, I want my plants to be a bit more drought tolerant, in case I need to leave them to their own devices for a few days.  In order to accomplish this I’m top watering once a day instead of filling the reservoirs.  I’m also trying a few new varieties this year – determinate, rather than indeterminate.  I specifically chose varieties that are supposed to do well in containers.  Finally, I’m trying a new type of fertilizer, Vganics.  How is…

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