Fairy Gardens, Mini Gardens & Mini-scapes

Take Root with Dennis' 7 Dees

photo by Terri's Treasures PhotographyMiniature Gardens, Fairy Gardens & Mini-scapes are all the rage right now. Miniature gardening has been around for years and years but in the last few months we have seen the interest in this fun, whimsical project escalate and we love the energy, passion & fun it brings to our garden centers. Check out this Oregonian article to learn more about this fun planting project: “Williams, a 10-year veteran of Dennis’ 7 Dees, chats about scale and perspective, essential elements for creating a realistic miniature garden, a pastime popular enough to be considered one the hottest trends of 2012”.Miniature gardening accessories

We have a handful of miniature gardening classes on our event schedule so check out our website for details & to register.

How to Create a Fairy Garden & Mini-scape

  • Select your container: build or re-use a wooden box, basket with liner, wheelbarrow, birdbath or other container.
  • Use quality potting…

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