Container Gardenin’ on a Small Balcony

Take Root with Dennis' 7 Dees

by Linda Kay Harrison – Dennis’ 7 Dees Cedar Hills Garden Center

My 3 year old granddaughter, Koby, has been fascinated by the flowers and vines I have growing on the tiny balcony of our apartment.  It dawned on me that, being a city girl, she’s never experienced gardening, or even seen a garden.  To Koby, food comes from a grocery store, and flowers are often just seen from a distance.  So when I noticed that the strawberries at work, (the Dennis 7 Dees on Butner Rd.), had some big, almost ripe berries on them, I decided to grow some on my balcony for Koby.  So I chose two Quinalts and two Tristar strawberry plants because they are everbearing and tasty.  I also bought one Hood, because they are the sweetest strawberries I’ve ever eaten.  (It’s a shame Hoods are only a June producer, but they are so yummy I had…

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