How iPads, phones & sensors will redefine our homes


Last week while on my travels through the Internet, I came across Biome Smart Terrarium. A terrarium, by the way, is a miniature landscape with plants (and animals). I am fascinated by these micro worlds. Typically, I would look at the beautiful pictures and move on.

But what got my attention was the fact that this Terrarium was controlled by an iPad (s AAPL) or a smartphone. It was a sensor-based micro world, connected to the network. An artful marriage of physical living and digital worlds, the terrarium could be a precursor for what home and gardens could become in the age of connectedness.

Tony Fadell with his thermostat and his startup Nest have already kicked off the ultimate home makeover. It is only a matter of time before we start to see a rush of devices that marry the physical and the digital worlds and thus bring about a…

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