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How iPads, phones & sensors will redefine our homes


Last week while on my travels through the Internet, I came across Biome Smart Terrarium. A terrarium, by the way, is a miniature landscape with plants (and animals). I am fascinated by these micro worlds. Typically, I would look at the beautiful pictures and move on.

But what got my attention was the fact that this Terrarium was controlled by an iPad (s AAPL) or a smartphone. It was a sensor-based micro world, connected to the network. An artful marriage of physical living and digital worlds, the terrarium could be a precursor for what home and gardens could become in the age of connectedness.

Tony Fadell with his thermostat and his startup Nest have already kicked off the ultimate home makeover. It is only a matter of time before we start to see a rush of devices that marry the physical and the digital worlds and thus bring about a…

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Succulent Container Madness!

Hi all!  Megan here to show you some fun gifty ideas with succulents. I’ll shove a succulent in almost anything, whether it be a grill that nobody’s used for years, or an old wagon I picked up for five bucks at a garage sale.  The possibilities are endless! First off,  I want you to know that in many cases these are not permanent plantings (this is especially true for terrariums). Several months or even years down the road, depending on how quickly the succulents you plant grow, it’s extremely likely that your creations will benefit from a little fluff. I redo the wagon & the grill once or twice a year. Think of your succulents like sculptural elements & have fun. It’s not like you’re deciding where to plant a tree that you’ll have to live with for many a year.

Succulent Roos

The ultimate key to succulent happiness in…

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Great Gift Idea: Make a Terrarium!


Terrariums are making a serious come back in the home decor world – and we’re not going to lie, we’re pretty excited about that! Not only are these mini-ecosystems really cool to look at with all their tiny plants and stones, but they provide another great opportunity to re-commission an old container.

Terrarium Man is an awesome site with a step-by-step tutorial on how to get started making your own terrariums. And if you get bit by the proverbial “terrarium bug,” they have tips for advanced tricks, like building a terrarium in a narrow-neck container such as a wine bottle (tricky, but do-able with the right tools and patience).

Glass juice jugs, fish bowls, old kettles or tea pots, beakers, even light bulbs of all things, can make really neat looking terrariums. Don’t have anything around the house? Take a trip to the thrift store and you’re bound to find…

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the green room


The green room is the newest horticultural hotspot in Traverse City. It is the baby of two young and extremely talented visionaries…the Avant Gardener (Megan Kellogg, interior plant-scape designer and master gardener), and the owner of Floral Underground (Derek Woodruff, certified florist extraordinaire). These two professionals have worked side by side for years, but never under the same roof, until now. This shared studio/retail space offers many products and services from floral arrangements for any occasion, tropical plant installations, wedding and event design, to modern and refreshing plant inspired gifts. It’s called the green room, but really, the sky is the limit. This space is located in the warehouse district in the same building as the Inside Out Gallery. It actually was the green room for the musicians performing in the gallery space. The concrete walls and single-pane windows give the space an old conservatory feel.

The irrigated living wall…

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small worlds – terrariums

eco raen

I just read an article in the Better Homes and Gardens mag called Small Worlds.

“Get a fresh view of nature with a terrarium.

Plants flourish under glass with little care.” -BHG

I love plants. I love the fun and beautiful things you can create with them too.  Terrariums are going to be my next plant project! How about you? Check out BHG How-To Create a Terrarium and Top Plants for Terrariums to get started. Also check out these cool ideas I found below. Click the pictures to go to the source and find out more.

Also check out this great book – BHG had the author help with the Small Worlds article.

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My Terrarium Project(s) 2012

Maylana's Chronicles

Another project of mine for 2012 is to create a few of these terrariums. For those of you who do not have access to a garden, and living in an apartment, here is a way to add some greenery and nature to your living space.  I’m hoping to create my first one this weekend, and will post you the final result.  Until then here are a few pretty ones I found online.  I want to give a big thanks to LIFEINAPT214 for the wonderful idea.

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