Terrific Terrariums

Things to Cherish

Terrariums are all the craze these days. I just might have to make one for my desk or maybe buy one like the above from Twigs (I unfortunately do not get to half of the items on my DIY list.) There is something captivating about these little glass bubbles of a world. You can personalize yours by adding mini figurines and make them ironic, which seems to be the trend. I have seen everything from a mini Green Bay Packer to what may or may not have been a stuffed pig to a murder scene (creepy). To each their own, right?

I discovered the one above on Fridays at Home. It’s from Restoration Hardware and it’s a bit steep at $249, but I love the geometric style and orchids are my favorite flower (I don’t think it comes with the orchids). Still you can find many amazing options well…

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