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Bonsai and terrarium

One of my other hobbies is growing house plants. I’m not very good with gardening but really have much more luck with indoor plants. Yesterday I found an old container that is now working as a terrarium. I grew this small African violet from a cutting and have just today placed it in this tiny pot. I grew the AV cutting in a different terrarium and now have it in this. You can see the scale of how small it is compared to my bonsai schefflera. The bonsai is about 15 years old now and grows over a large lava rock. It still seems very happy!





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Tiny Terrariums

Buttons & Twine: A Blog For Craft Enthusiasts

I have had this terrarium how-to on Handmadeology bookmarked for what seems like forever, and recently felt inspired while looking through the glass jars at Goodwill. I found the two larger ones for only a dollar each. Thrifting is the perfect way to look for terrarium cases because often you can find cool older glasses and jars, that may be faceted or in odd shapes. All you need is something with a lid – and if it comes with a rubber stopper attached to the lid to create a seal, as these two did, it is easy to remove with a small flat head screwdriver.

While the tutorial lists pea gravel OR sand as optimal water filters, I decided to use both because I really like the layered look. I got both the rose tinted pea gravel and the large granule sand at Lowes, where you can find all of…

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FLOWERS part 2

La Machine à Habiter

Taking up the post about plants, today I will present you some ideas for gardening and live plants arrangements. So today it will be a post dedicated to more experienced plant handlers.

Starting with an easier difficulty level, I suggest you the TERRARIUMS:


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The Bookshelves

It's Two AM

A while ago, and I’m not saying exactlywhen, the Christmas villages that my Mom put up for us were finally taken off of my shelves and boxed up and put away.

All Empty

Which left them a bit, uh, empty and looking a bit uncared for, possibly dusty… Possibly.

That window seat is quite popular in our house; it’s almost everyone’s favorite place to sit. The good thing about it is that while you’re there taking in the view, watching the ships sailing past, you can’t actually see the shelves. Of course this means I was able to ignore them a bit longer than I should. We started filling the shelves up with random bits of things that couldn’t find their home, and I knew that unless I came up with something, they were bound to stay the catch-all place for little bits of junk that would drive me to…

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Hagen’s Redesigned Exo Terra Turtle Terrarium Featured on ABC’s “Good Morning America”

Pet Pitch USA

MANSFIELD, Mass., March 28, 2012 (For Immediate Release) – The Rolf C. Hagen Corp. was in the spotlight this morning as its newly redesigned Turtle Terrarium was featured in Dr. Marty Becker’s pet products segment on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” which is seen by approximately 4.7 million viewers daily.  Dr. Becker brought several new products that were recently revealed at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida to present to viewers, which included the Turtle Terrarium.

When it was first introduced, Exo Terra’s Turtle Terrarium was one of the first all-glass terrariums designed specifically for the housing needs of turtles, taking into consideration the specialized care necessary to keep a turtle happy and healthy. Hagenimproved on its unique design, adding three news sizes, reshaped side panels and a stylish and seamless bent-glass front, and it is this updated ultimate turtle home that earned the Turtle Terrarium the title of…

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Top 3 House Plants To Improve Indoor Air Quality


When you walk into a beauty salon, do your eyes begin to water?  How about the perfume counter at Macy’s….do you see double for a few minutes after passing by it or a man with a bit too much foo-foo water, as my grandmother used to call scented after-shave?  When you put in new carpet, paint, or exterminate your home, does your spouse/child develop a horrible headache? Chances are pretty good those symptoms signal a chemical bomb attacking your system.  Whether it is the combination of gases or a personal sensitivity to a specific one, a strong reaction might be your body’s way of sending up a white flag in surrender to something it fears.

Sometimes the reaction is too subtle to notice.  Or we blame an exterior source such as ragweed or pollen instead of the actual culprit.  Over time the reaction may become more severe.   If you…

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Container Gardening = Endless POTS-abilities


It can be overwhelming to start a project, can’t it.  There are just WAY too many possibilities.  But section it out, come up with a theme, and most of the choices are made for you.  If you haven’t started landscaping because you don’t know where to begin, how about putting it into perspective?  Bite off a small portion by beginning with a pot.  Not just any predictable pot, mind you.  Go with a theme, either based on the style of your environment or make an environment with your theme.  Clear as mud?

In a couple of weeks, I’ll head to Little Rock to speak at the annual Arkansas Literary Festival.  I’ve been paired with one of the city’s own landscaping legends – author and owner of Botanica Gardens Chris Olsen – to show folks the easy way to DIG A LITTLE DEEPER into gardening.  Chris and I will put together…

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Terrific Terrariums

Things to Cherish

Terrariums are all the craze these days. I just might have to make one for my desk or maybe buy one like the above from Twigs (I unfortunately do not get to half of the items on my DIY list.) There is something captivating about these little glass bubbles of a world. You can personalize yours by adding mini figurines and make them ironic, which seems to be the trend. I have seen everything from a mini Green Bay Packer to what may or may not have been a stuffed pig to a murder scene (creepy). To each their own, right?

I discovered the one above on Fridays at Home. It’s from Restoration Hardware and it’s a bit steep at $249, but I love the geometric style and orchids are my favorite flower (I don’t think it comes with the orchids). Still you can find many amazing options well…

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