Go Go Gadget Terrarium!

Designing Around

The tall one’s birthday is Friday which means we have a party coming up next weekend. I mean Partay – cause if a house full of 10-year-old girls doesn’t equal a rocking good time I don’t know what does. Am I right? (I am probably not right. Not right at all. But they are considerably more self-sufficient than a house full of 5-year-old girls, so that’s a bonus). I asked said tall one what she would like to do for her party and she replied “Just ask all my friends to bring their handwork over and we’ll hang out and have cake.” That’s right, for her birthday my almost 10-year-old would like to sit around and knit with her friends. And eat cake. Man I love that kid. I totally don’t understand her, but I really, really love her.

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