atriums and terrariums.

You know how there are some words you just get mixed up sometimes? For me, those words are pagoda and gazebo. I don’t know why, but when I see a gazebo, the word I think of is always pagoda.

For E, when he invisions a terrarium, he thinks “atrium.” It’s an easy switch- they are phonetic cousins. And this came up a lot this week because the LaPlantes made one. A terrarium, that is.

Inspired by this pottery barn version but flabergasted at the price, I found this perfectly-sized gem at my local Marshall’s. And instead of $129.00, it was only $24.99. Prices so low it made me want to make two. I know, I know. When I thought marshmallows were on sale last week I grabbed three bags. Turned out they weren’t. S’mores, anyone?

I also was pleasantly surprised when I found the most perfect little succulents at Walmart…

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