Privacy on the deck using plants

In the Woods near Skyline Drive

Ahhhh! I’m loving the warmth not just the air temperature but the beauty of these container gardens.  I’m taking a break from indoor projects to plan for the deck and patio plantings.  We had a trellis installed on the left side of the deck when it was built.  I’ve tried for several years to use hanging baskets for privacy purposes.  They usually look great for the first month, but their water needs are much greater in late June, July and August than I can maintain.  I’ve also tried white sheer curtains, but I need a better way to hang them from the trellis than I’ve tried so far.

So if the top down theory doesn’t work, I’m thinking maybe from the bottom up is worth a try.  I’ve done a search for tall container gardens.  Most are from one of my favorite magazines, Better Homes and Gardens. These pictures…

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