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Terrarium Bliss

Looking At Glass

Today I am looking at terrariums.

Terrariums are quite popular at the moment.  Not only is it fun to choose plants and wee ornaments for your terrarium, finding the perfect glass container can lead to hours and hours of creative bliss.

Photo via Creationeuropeenne shop on Etsy

Photo via Inhabitat

Photo via SteamedGlass on Etsy

Photos via Score And Solder

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

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Lately, terrariums have been on my mind. Here is an inspiring diy. I’d like to try my hand at this soon. Watch this space.

All images from pinterest. (Sigh. Better credit than that I unfortunately cannot give).

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Go Go Gadget Terrarium!

Designing Around

The tall one’s birthday is Friday which means we have a party coming up next weekend. I mean Partay – cause if a house full of 10-year-old girls doesn’t equal a rocking good time I don’t know what does. Am I right? (I am probably not right. Not right at all. But they are considerably more self-sufficient than a house full of 5-year-old girls, so that’s a bonus). I asked said tall one what she would like to do for her party and she replied “Just ask all my friends to bring their handwork over and we’ll hang out and have cake.” That’s right, for her birthday my almost 10-year-old would like to sit around and knit with her friends. And eat cake. Man I love that kid. I totally don’t understand her, but I really, really love her.

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Pressed via SMOKLEY’s Bonsai

DIY Terrarium: My very own jungle

der liebling

Bütün evimi terrariumlarla (Türkçesini bilen var mı?) kaplamak istiyorum. Elime geçen her cam kavanoz/ vazonun içine biraz toprak, taş ve garip bitkilerden koyarak kendi küçük yağmur ormanlarımı yaratacağım!! Ha! Güzel bir mutluluk veriyorlar, baktıkça… İlgilenenler için kitap önerileri, yapımı için kısa bir video ve geçmişi 1829lara uzanan tarihini okuyabilirler.

I have been obsessed with these terrariums since couple of days. Finally I have decided on going for the mission of making one myself, my very own little jungle. For those who are interested, there are many tips and DIY`s on the web. Many books, video`s can be found around. Do read the history which is going back to the 1829`s.

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Busy Like a Bee

botanical designs

Lots of things have been happening around here, most days I end up with dirt under my nails and a contented smile on my face. All of funky containers and bowls I picked up since the Lions Club Festival are slowly being turned into new gardens. There are cool, hand-thrown bowls, mod ceramic shapes and lots of glass containers that can be hung up. There’s still a lot more to create, but I’ve posted a few pics of some of the new designs.

If you have any requests or are interested in anything you see posted on the site please contact me for more info!

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