thrifted planters

urban casita

sunday plants

Planters are one of my favorite things to thrift for and I’ll use just about anything as a vessel. Bowls, vintage restaurant mugs, tin containers.

sunday plants

sunday plants

We picked up two new milk glass pieces for $3 each at a rummage sale. My milk glass obsession never wanes because I can use the containers for everything: to hold toothbrushes and cotton balls, pens and pencils, earrings and bracelets. These bring my total pieces used as planters to seven.  I’m thinking of putting up a shelf in the living room with all of them grouped together come winter.  The twenty plants on the porch will need somewhere to go indoors!

Larger vessels are harder to come by second hand so I was super excited to find this big tin thing last week at Stop! Look! Oddments, a cute little junk store near our apartment.  Five bucks.

sunday plants

It must have been used…

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