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Living on the Edge

Green Design in Mind

Now, even the greenest of thumbs can live high and on the edge! Israeli company Greenbo provides a highly-designed solution for creating the perfect aerial view. Place the Greenbo planter on any ledge or railing, either indoor or out, and you’ll bring the many beautiful and green benefits of plants to your high-rise apartment or office.

The planter is divided into two separate chambers, allowing for planting diversity and the creative touch when combining different flowers or even herbs for an urban-aerial garden. Special draining trays prevent accumulation of water.

The Greenbo planter is the brain-child of three high-tech friends enjoying a warm afternoon on their Tel Aviv high-rise balcony, discussing the challenges of urban gardening. While they were discussing the issue, a paper boy  arrived on his motor bike with a saddle bag full of newspapers. And thus the idea for Greenbo began to sprout.

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Design Revolution Australia

The Zoie Planter by Helen Kontouris

This is a very simple, delicate and elegant  planter. I really like how it displays the flowers (or plant) as if they were floating. I’m quite sure it comes in black as well.

Zoie planter

From Artist: Named after the Greek word for “living thing”, Zoie is a planter for indoor and outdoor (requires shelter if outdoors) use that offers sanctuary by receiving the sacredness of life’s seeds and shoots deep within its internal housing. Organic and maternal, Zoie further embraces the most delicate and vulnerable moments of nature’s cycle within a moulded outer canopy that supports the growth and sustainability of biological life.

Zoie planter

Zoie planter

Helen Kontouris
The Zoie planters are available through Ambius
Photography by Renee Stamatis

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Custom Vinyl Bic Buddy with Trunk Mask – Mask 252


January 23, 2010 – Custom Vinyl Bic Buddy w/ Trunk Mask

Another custom vinyl I picked up from Munky King.  Let’s see how long I can keep this plant alive lol.

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