Zinc Succulent Planters

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It was my birthday last week and Brentan knew just what to get me. I woke up to these gorgeous zinc planters (from Crate and Barrel– who should sponsor the blog since I write about them so much!) in our living room, and I knew just what to do with them!

I went out to the garden center, the fabulous Reagan Nursery, and bought some succulents.
I was all set to make some cool graphics with the types of succulents labeled on the pictures, but unfortunately, Brentan threw out the plant labels. And my memory is not good enough to remember what everything is called!!

I had thought about what to put in front of the door to the house for such a long time, I’m so happy that it turned out well, and pretty much exactly as I had hoped.

These are definitely inspired by Sunset magazine. And…

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