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Tricot Treat

Most of my furniture has come (entirely legally) from libraries. I am a librarian. It is bound to happen. Recently, my current place of employ was discarding some card catalog drawers. I decided to experiment with using one as a tray for small succulents and cacti. I (because I am a librarian AND a geek), thought that it was funny that the drawer had a 750 on it since the MARC 750 field  in a catalog record using the MARC 21  Format for Classification Data denotes an index term for a given topic/subtopic(s). (The “classification” that serves as the title of this post is complete rubbish by the way. But of course, only librarians would know that.)

You’ll also note that there is a piece of stained glass, created by yours truly (my first!) which I made during a class at Two Fish Art Glass, near me in…

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How to make a recycled bike planter


While I’m not altogether convinced that a model is required in the above image, hats off to Dremel for a great bit of marketing. They’ve sent out a guide to making a planter out of an old bike, which is a great recycling idea and gives a kitsch feel to the garden without breaking the bank.

Step One
Cut tracing paper to fit one side of a wooden box, planter or bin. Use a soft pencil to draw a basket weave pattern (ours is a ribbon weave which is the simple weaving under and over of raffia) on the tracing paper. Tape the paper in position and trace the pattern down.

Step Two
Fix an engraving cutter into the Dremel Hobby 7700 multi-tool and carve the pattern.

Step Three
Add detail to the carving with the multi-tool and engraving cutter.  If you want to attach the basket to the bicycle…

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Trapa Modular Planters from Haskell Collection

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the Trapa modular planter system is handmade in Southern California by Haskell Collection, a new sustainably minded garden furnishings company with a Mid-Century modern aesthetic. Joining a line of seating and tables, Trapa features pots made of thick 11 gauge 100% recycled domestic aluminum in 6” or 12” heights that can be inserted into either of the two stainless steel stand sizes (12” or 24”), depending on the height desired. The planters come in a durable pearl or gray colored powder coat; according to the manufacturer, the overspray from their powder coat process is often retrieved and reused to help eliminate the waste commonly found in liquid finishing processes. Haskell makes all of its products in the U.S. (with regional materials whenever possible), “in order to help fuel our economy, sustain jobs, and maintain a level of quality control and production that we feel…

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Cinder Blocks Reconsidered

Everybody Loves a Local Hardware Store

cinder block wall planter
Cinder Block Wall Planter. Awesome.

via Inspiring Pretty. More info and a link to a tutorial here.

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Mudpuppy : Featured Vendor

Firefly Handmade

First discovered at a Denver handmade event, we hoped to one day introduce Mudpuppy to Boulder. Maybe it was the baby’s expression, maybe it was the minimalism that drew us in, either way we will let the images speak for themselves.

Michael McDowell designs ceramic products for urban living, typically involving plant and garden pieces that have a dual purpose being both sculptural and functional while economizing space. His objective is to hand craft beautiful, well made objects for your home.


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Succulents in Baking Loaf Pans

Just About Home

Hey there! I told you earlier that I found some interesting containers for my succulents!

I went epic estate sale-ing with Brentan and Sarah this weekend and found a cute ceramic bowl at the first stop, and found a stack of small and medium loaf pans at sale #4 in Alameda. Loaf pans! Who would have thought that I would be inspired to plant things in them. I think it’s because I like the old school metal school lunch trays at the Alameda Antiques Fair a while ago, and am feeling the vintage metal bake ware.

So I have a stack, and planted a few full. One now sits on my kitchen table (below) and one is on my bedside table (not pictured).  And you can sort of see the pile of the rest of the pans in the left side of the picture below waiting to be planted. 

I also…

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Zinc Succulent Planters

Just About Home

It was my birthday last week and Brentan knew just what to get me. I woke up to these gorgeous zinc planters (from Crate and Barrel– who should sponsor the blog since I write about them so much!) in our living room, and I knew just what to do with them!

I went out to the garden center, the fabulous Reagan Nursery, and bought some succulents.
I was all set to make some cool graphics with the types of succulents labeled on the pictures, but unfortunately, Brentan threw out the plant labels. And my memory is not good enough to remember what everything is called!!

I had thought about what to put in front of the door to the house for such a long time, I’m so happy that it turned out well, and pretty much exactly as I had hoped.

These are definitely inspired by Sunset magazine. And…

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Hanging Herb Garden