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How does reblogging work?

Reblogging is a quick way to share posts published by other users on your own blog. People have been reblogging others’ posts since blogging started, but our new reblogging system enables authors to retain greater control over their content.

When a post is reblogged, it shows up with a link back to the blog it came from, the first image in the post, an excerpt of the post’s introduction (if it contains text), and thumbnails of any other images that the post contains. It also shows any comments left by the person who reblogged the post:

Reblogs published on blogs you follow will also appear in your reader:

What happens when my posts get reblogged?

An excerpt of your post will be published on the reblogger’s site (with a link back to your original post), and you’ll receive a reblog notification in the post comments (you might need to approve it first):

You’ll also receive an email notification of the reblog

Do I get credit when someone else reblogs one of my posts?

Absolutely! All reblogs contain a link back to your original post, so the more people reblog your posts, the more likely it is that you’ll attract new visitors (and perhaps new followers, too!). If you’re not comfortable with others being able to reblog your content, you may want to make your site private.

What happens if I reblog a reblog?

If, for example, Stephane reblogs a news announcement on his site and Lori reblogs Stephane’s reblog, Lori only re-publishes Stephane’s comment. If Lori wants to share the original announcement, she should reblog the post from, not from Stephane’s reblog. But if Stephane leaves a really clever comment, Lori might want to share it on her own site by reblogging his reblog.

Can I edit a post I’ve reblogged?

You can go back and edit the comments you left when you reblogged a post, but you cannot edit any parts of the original post excerpt (including the post title). If you like, you can add categories or tags to the post. Reblogs show up under Posts -> All Posts in your dashboard, and they can be edited the same way you edit your own posts.

via Reblogs — Support —

Click here to contact SoundEagle (Web Administrator and Designer)SoundEagle says: According to WordPress, everyone can, and is entitled and encouraged to, reblog anybody’s posts. A website or blog with many posts reblogged by others will be more likely to achieve higher ranking in Google and other search engines because anyone or everyone who comes across those reblogged posts will have to click the links to the original posts in order to view the entire posts there, thus bringing more online traffic and exposure to the website or blog from which the posts originate.

In general, when someone links to your content, a backlink is created. The more backlinks there are, the more valuable Google deems your content to be. Therefore, if you want a better chance of being at the top of Google search results, your content needs as many people as possible linking to you.

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