Have You Seen My New Planter?

Fine Frugality

Awhile ago, as I was cleaning out our sunroom in order to make a dressing room, I found myself having to do something with an old Singer sewing machine stand. It does not have a sewing machine and is missing two drawers. I used to have a tabletop for it, which has found its way to a different table.

I tried to give it away on Freecycle without success. So I was kind of stuck with it. I put it on my front porch with the intention of getting another tabletop for it and using it as a table. I’m not sure when the idea formed, but a few days later, I was grabbing a plastic dishwashing tub and seeing if it fit into the hole where the sewing machine was. And it did. Woo Hoo! Inside the tub I’ve placed a planter of summer flowers. There is room on…

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