Moroccan inspired hanging cone planter

Ok, so do you remember those uber popular moroccan lamp “shades”?  Ya, know, those decadent, silk covered shades that “dripped” down from a lamp stand arm, creating masses of mood and ambiance??  Whelp, some of you may still be rocking them…and I’m not judging….but when my neighbor put out this tattered shell for the trash…

…I couldn’t resist zestin’ it up to something current and fabulous!  I have had my heart set on some cone shaped hanging baskets for my front porch (call it coveting if ya want, I don’t care, but some peeps in the neighborhood have their house flanked by some and I looove the look).

I knew that the shape would be gorgeous and the strong metal frame would give excellent structure.  It barely needed any alterations…just the removal of some tattered silk and the snipping away of some hanging strings….kept the beads–too cool!

Next step was…

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