Bubblegum machine by day…planter by night

What a Cute House!

I like to collect plants that are weed-like and difficult to kill so I can pretend I have a green thumb. So, for my growing gaggle of pothos (Epipremnum aureum) I needed to come up with some creative ways to display them.

I have this old bubblegum machine that has moved with me from dorm, to apartment to condo and now, to my new house. It still works too! For one penny, you can spin the dial and treat yourself to a tasty piece of gum with flavor that lasts 30 seconds before you need to buy another piece.

And I don’t have any tall plant stands and my bubblegum machine was empty and just sitting there looking vacant and sad when inspiration struck. Let’s double duty this bitch!

First, take your machine apart. Mine unscrews from the top. I took the bowl off and lined the bottom of the…

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One thought on “Bubblegum machine by day…planter by night

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