Miniature Gardening Crosses Borders

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Miniature Gardening Crosses Borders

Holy cow.

I used to enjoy a predominately US customer base while going through my growing pains as a start-up business. Every so often I would dial into my Google stats to see where the visitors to my website are coming from, and I would see the States plus a couple of other countries like Vietnam and England.

Well, I had 1,378 cities from 68 countries visiting my website last month!


Perhaps I should brush up on my french and spanish. ;o)

So, in an effort to spread the love of miniature gardening, (because that appears to be vocation these days) and with some help, (Thank you for your help, Rob! ;o) I was able to find a list of Canadian nurseries and garden centers that have specifically ordered the very same miniature and dwarf conifers that I recommend using in the miniature garden with…

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