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Miniature Garden Kits Cut Learning Curve

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Miniature Gardens

Miniature Garden Kits Cut Learning Curve

Miniature Garden Kits are the one of the only ways to fast-forward the mini garden learning curve. With all the thinking done for you, you have all the fun putting it together in less than a couple of hours.

I’ve been creating miniature gardens for over ten years, some

of them are now eight years old and are still doing very well. You can have a miniature garden that doesn’t need constant repotting, that can grow and weave itself together for years and become an old friend that is there when you need a little garden getaway.

Here are the top 10 reasons to try a miniature garden kit – fun to get and fun to give:

1. All the hard-to-find ingredients are all in one package so you can get right to it. All you need is a pot and some potting soil…

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A Miniature Gardener’s Northwest Flower and Garden Show Review

The Mini Garden Guru

A Miniature Gardener’s Northwest Flower and Garden Show Review

This year’s theme was Once Upon a Time, Gardens with Spectacular Stories to Tell and it produced a wonderful array of display gardens full of magical moments. Several different forms of miniature and fairy gardening where spotted throughout the show. It was good to see the professional designers finally recognizing the latest and hottest trend in gardening – and trying their hand a miniature gardening.

Here’s a review of the mini garden moments captured by Yours Truly.

The Three Little Pigs garden with the straw, stick and brick houses were great. I would have loved to get my hands on these miniature gardens as most of the plants used were a bit too big in scale for the buildings. Playful and fun nevertheless! This brick house was about four feet tall.

It was great to see these two fairy gardens tucked…

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Exclusive Mini Patio Mix Kit is for Miniature Gardeners Only

The Mini Garden Guru

The versatile Miniature Patio Mix Kit for Miniature or Fairy Gardening
Our Mini Patio Mix Kit helps you create paths and patios for your miniature or fairy garden that will not wash away. This outdoor mini garden was built in 2009. All three patios, marble, brick and stone, were built with our Mini Patio Mix.

This is a continuation of my Beginner Miniature Garden Series. Here are the previous lessons, just in case you missed them:

 Miniature Gardening 101: The Dirt

Miniature Gardening 102: Indoor vs. Outdoor Plants

Miniature Gardening 103: The Water

Miniature Gardening 104: How to Find the Right Plants

Miniature Gardening 105: Miniature Garden Design Using Scales

Miniature Gardening 105B: Shrinking the Garden Rules

And for Today’s Lesson…

~ It happened again the other day. As soon as I held it up for all to see, the crowd murmured, “Awwww!” Every time I demonstrate how to install a patio in a miniature garden, I get the same response.

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Miniature Gardening Crosses Borders

The Mini Garden Guru

Miniature and Dwarf Conifers are great for the miniature garden
Miniature and Dwarf Conifers are great for the miniature garden. In the right spot, they are easy to take care of and really look like a “big” miniature tree. You can now find them in Canada.

Miniature Gardening Crosses Borders

~ Stardate: May 4th, 2011. Holy cow.

I used to enjoy a predominately US customer base while going through my growing pains as a start-up business. Every so often I would dial into my Google stats to see where the visitors to my website are coming from, and I would see the States plus a couple of other countries like Vietnam and England.

Well, I had 1,378 cities from 68 countries visiting my website last month…


Tiny purple cones on the Pusch Dwarf Norway Spruce
The tiny purple cones on the Pusch Dwarf Norway Spruce are just the absolute cutest thing ever!

Updated to 2019: Please call ahead to these garden centers to see if they carry the…

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Wordless Wednesday: Why Conifers Make Great Mini Garden Trees

The Mini Garden Guru

Why Do Conifers Make Great Mini Garden Trees?

~ Why do our true miniature and dwarf trees and shrubs make such great miniature garden trees? Well, let me count the ways!

  • Our miniature garden conifers get better and better with age. The trunks thicken, the branches reach out and a they become “big” mini garden trees.
  • There is something for every spot. Some are super hardy. Some are really tolerant of dry conditions and others are happiest in shade.
  • They are evergreen! A lot of them will change color in the winter for year-round interest.
  • They are low maintenance. Water in the dry months to maintain wrung-sponge-damp soil.
  • They grow into bonsai specimens on their own.
  • They grow slowly and can stay in scale in your miniature garden for years.

Enjoy this photo blog of some before and after shots. All the trees you see in here are still in our miniature…

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Growing Wood: Miniature Gardening and Bonsai

The Mini Garden Guru

Miniature Gardening and Bonsai

Growing Wood: Miniature Gardening and Bonsai

~ [Scene: Northwest Flower and Garden Show, February, 2011]

It was as if I was responsible for the misunderstanding in the bonsai hobby.

I met bonsai-expert-extraordinaire, Dan Robinson, at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show here in Seattle this past February. He was sitting in the corner of his display garden working on one of his beautiful bonsai projects, ready to educate and challenge whomever he came in contact with.

“It’s ‘bone-sigh,’” Dan said, quickly correcting my husband, Steve, who pronounced the word like most people do.

Elf Alberta Spruce - Picea glauce 'Elf'

I asked him about the project he was working on which of course opened up an introduction of what I was about. Using our miniature garden display on the Skybridge as an example of my work, Dan now had a reason to chew me out for all the mistakes people make about bonsai.

Dan’s main issue was…

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How to Insert Charm into Your Miniature Garden, Part I

The Mini Garden Guru

How to Insert Charm into Your Miniature Garden, Part I


There is nuthin’ like two bustling online stores, a miniature garden class, a big open house, getting a book ready for publishing, an email account meltdown, a huge-secret-squirrel project and preparation for a big display garden, to put one behind the eight ball.

As I sprint out of my own way and come up for air, I realized that my blogging has been lacking.

What was that? You thought I didn’t have anything new to say?

Ce n’est pas possible! ;o)

Gardening in miniature is enjoyable on so many different levels because it joins two very popular and rich hobbies, crafting and gardening, into one delightful pastime. Each and every element of the miniature garden is just as rich and deep in subject matter as the next. You could explore every nuance of this new hobby for years: the…

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New Gardeners Coming to Miniature Gardening with Mixed Results

The Mini Garden Guru

New Gardeners Coming to Miniature Gardening with Mixed Results

“Dead as a doornail. All three plants. Dead.”

So went the phone call the other morning.

Miniature gardening offers a completely new way to garden but the plants we use to create the mini garden still grow the same way as they always have. The plants will need to be in the right place, with the right light and the right watering in order for them to be happy.

The Golden Rule of Gardening is “right place, right plant.”

Right plant, right place means to decide where the plant will be placed first, then find the plants that will suit the light/soil/temperature that the spot receives. In that order.

Plants are not able to adjust to your conditions, you need to find the correct plant that will work for your environment instead. You can’t trick a plant into growing where it…

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