Keep Gardening This Winter with Indoor Miniature Gardens

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Miniature Garden Center

Keep Gardening this Winter with Indoor Miniature Gardens

You don’t have to give up your gardening Get Crafty with Two Green Thumbs!because it is getting colder outside. Miniature garden is so versatile; you can do it just about anywhere. Miniature gardens, dish gardens, terrariums or just a simple scene incorporated with your “full-sized” houseplants can add fun and creativity to your every day living. Here are a few ideas to kick-start your imagination to keep you gardening and crafty through winter months.

Indoor Miniature Garden

Thankfully, there are indoor miniature garden trees that look like outdoor trees that can really cinch the look of a true garden in miniature. Whether your theme is an Italian style, (using the narrow shaped Elwood Cypress to stand in for an Italian Cypress,) or a country backyard garden theme, (using the adaptable Variegated Boxwood, trim the bottom leaves to expose some trunk,) only choose plants and accessories that help to…

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