Keep Gardening This Winter with Indoor Miniature Gardens

The Mini Garden Guru

Miniature Dish Gardening is fun and rewarding.
You can create little worlds that are all your own with miniature dish gardening.

Keep Gardening this Winter with Indoor Miniature Gardening with Houseplants

~ You don’t have to give up playing in your garden because it’s winter, you just have to adjust the size of your garden! I’m not talkin’ ’bout just plants either. This is a REAL garden!! And YES! You can grow one INSIDE!

Have you tried gardening in miniature yet?

See if any of this fits wherever you are:

  • For new gardeners/plant-lovers, miniature gardening is a chance to learn how to grow a garden.
  • For experienced gardeners/ plant-lovers, it’s an opportunity to add another type of gardening to your list.
  • For experienced miniaturists, it’s a means to explore more ways to enjoy miniatures.
  • For new miniature-lovers, it’s an excuse to work in many different mediums. (See the Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop Book for more.)
  • For…

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