Miniature Gardening 101: The Dirt

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Miniature Gardening 101: The Dirt

One of the challenges over the last 10 years with bringing the miniature garden hobby out in the open, and finding ways to share it with the rest of the world, is that it attracts a wide variety of people. And why wouldn’t it? It comes in many forms and is quite possibly the most accessible way to garden within the garden industry. Old or young, rural or urban, spatially challenged or not, experienced growers or those brand new to gardening, are finding out that miniature gardening is not tied to any financial, geographic or physical condition. Everyone that is willing can find something to enjoy about miniature gardening in some form or another.

Miniature Garden EbookSo, this is the beginning of a series of blogs that will answer the questions that are asked frequently and will answer questions that you don’t even know to ask yet!…

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