Miniature Gardening 103: The Water

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Miniature Gardening 103: The Water

Welcome back to our Miniature Garden Series of tutorials to get you started in this wonderful hobby! If you missed it, Miniature Gardening 101 was about soil, Miniature Gardening 102 is all about indoor vs. outdoor plants. Today we are discussing how to know how much water your miniature garden will need.

Huh? Different Types of Watering?

Water is a big factor to consider when choosing plants for your miniature garden, especially for a miniature garden in a container.  Different plants have different watering needs, so plants in the same miniature garden should all tolerate the same water schedule.

Some plants like their root zone to dry out between watering, others like to have a moist root zone at all times.  Planting these two types of plants right next to each other in a small container can result in disaster. The following chart will…

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