Container Gardening


I thought I would spend some time talking about a favorite subject of mine, the container garden.  This was a special request from my sister, Carrice, who lives in a condo and has limited gardening space.

There are three important steps; the container, the soil and the plants.  Lets start with the container.  Anything that  can have holes drilled in it can be a container.  Use your imagination!  I have used tool boxes, wheelbarrows, beds, wash tubs and much more.  You can also go to your local nursery and buy some pots, too!  I think groupings look best if you use an odd number of pots, (think throw pillows on the couch or bed) usually 3 or 5.  They can be different sizes and colors as long as they compliment each other.  Make sure there are drain holes.  This is VERY important as you don’t want your plants to rot. …

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