Container Gardening Part I: Available Choices

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Container gardening gives one the opportunity to be creative with dazzling plant choices and seasonal themes. Potted annuals and perennials offer solutions to landscape problems such as bad soil, softening hardscape areas, adding color to drab walls, creating focal points, and bringing captivating scents and calm to boring town balconies. Containers give you the ability to move your plants around creating a fresh look. They can go in a sheltered area during winter months, and if you relocate, you can take your potted garden with you.

The choices for containers are many. Here are a few.

Glazed ceramic planters:  These add color and are made of stoneware. Ceramic planters come in several finishes, including crackled, drip, or multi-colored glaze patterns. Make sure it’s for outdoor, not indoor, use. The indoor glazed ceramic planters won’t hold up outside.

Resin and fiberglass:  These are available in a variety of colors and…

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