The potted plant

Click here to contact SoundEagle (Web Administrator and Designer)SoundEagle says: A good yarn in which the potted plant is someone’s saving grace and “the only reason [the person] survived”.

Old Blog that's still up because people apparently need to know about Peruvian men and backpacking (in that order)

A few weeks ago I found myself having to move without having a very definite place to move to. This was a problem.

My saving angel came in the form of a friend’s family member who invited me to come live with her. So now I have my own room with my own bathroom in a gorgeous flat in a great neighbourhood and a lovely flatmate for less money than the crappiest hostel imaginable and I have been so lucky and feel so grateful… Something just had to go wrong.

My flatmate, a hard working female electrical engineer, loves one thing above all else: her plants. She has huge, beautiful potted plants all over the flat. I’m sure you already know what happened.

You know that sensation when you knock something flying and time slows down just enough for you to see it fall in slow motion but not…

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