World Environment Day

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World Environment Day

One man’s trash is another man’s potted plant (by virtue of the transformative power of Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Recover and Repurpose).

Celebrated by the Potted Plant Society, World Environment Day turns 40 in 2012 and coincides with the transit of Venus, one of the rarest of predictable celestial phenomena, when the planet Venus appears as a small, dark disc moving across the face of the Sun from 22:09 UTC on 5 June to 04:49 UTC on 6 June.

Aimed at being the largest and most widely mobilized global day for positive environmental action, World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated every year on 5th June to raise global awareness of the need to take positive environmental action. It is run by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which was form in 1972.[1]

5th June was the day on which United Nations Conference on the Human Environment began. The United Nations Conference on the Human Environment was held from 5th to 16th June 1972. It was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972.[2] The first World Environment Day was on 1973.

World Environment Day is hosted every year by a different city with a different theme, and is commemorated with an international exposition in the week of 5 June. The city chosen to host the 2012 World Environment Day is Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

  • The UN Environment Programme defines the Green Economy as one that results in improved human wellbeing and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. In its simplest expression, a green economy can be thought of as one which is low-carbon, resource-efficient and socially inclusive.

    Practically speaking, a Green Economy is one whose growth in income and employment is driven by public and private investments that reduce carbon emissions and pollution, enhance energy and resource efficiency, and prevent the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. These investments need to be catalyzed and supported by targeted public expenditure, policy reforms and regulation changes.

    But what does all this mean for you? If the Green Economy is about social equity and inclusiveness then technically it is all about you! The question therefore asks you to find out more about the Green Economy and assess whether, in your country, you are being included in it.


6 thoughts on “World Environment Day

    • Hi Jaishri,

      You are welcome. There is no deadline for downloading or viewing this webpage, and the information here is valid before, during and after the day of celebration.

      Also, World Environment Day activities occur throughout the year, not just on the 5th of June.

      Thank you for your feedback.


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    • Hi Petchary,

      I have visited your blog and read your post entitled “Is it Really June 6?”, and left my comments there.

      By the way, World Environment Day falls on the 5th of June, not the 6th.

      All the best to your endeavours and happy June to you!


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