Making A Herb & Floral Wreath For Any Occasion

Awhile ago, as I was cleaning out our sunroom in order to make a dressing room, I found myself having to do something with an old Singer sewing machine stand. It does not have a sewing machine and is missing two drawers. I used to have a tabletop for it, which has found its way to a different table.

I tried to give it away on Freecycle without success. So I was kind of stuck with it. I put it on my front porch with the intention of getting another tabletop for it and using it as a table. I’m not sure when the idea formed, but a few days later, I was grabbing a plastic dishwashing tub and seeing if it fit into the hole where the sewing machine was. And it did. Woo Hoo! Inside the tub I’ve placed a planter of summer flowers. There is room on the sides to use it as a tabletop and if I need more space to hold drinks, small plants, etc…I’ll pull out a drawer. I also found that my citronella candle tucks away very nicely where the drawers are missing.

I’m quite pleased that I could repurpose this wonderful piece!

Country & Victorian Times

Fragrant wreaths of lavender, eucalpytus, summer savory, and thyme disappear from our stand at the Saturday Farmers Market  almost as quickly as we can make them. And when we are surrounded by crowds and our adrenaline is up, that’s darn fast—less than five minutes per wreath. What many of our customers really covet, however, is the neat little gizmo we use to make them. “Boy, could I use one of those,” said one gardener, with undis­guised envy. “At the end of the season, I have all these herbs that need to be pruned, and it just kills me to toss them. With this, I could make wreaths for all my friends.”

We are an organic herb and flower grower and we understand that point of view. A desire not to let any harvest go to waste is what led us to design this tool, which is a simplified version of…

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